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As a former high school teacher and current toddler mom, believe me when I say - a chaotic wedding day or energetic family session won’t intimidate me. My enneagram 8 and type A personality means I'm a detail oriented, introverted leader. This means all the quiet, in-between moments are always captured in my sessions, so you can truly relive every special memory, even the ones you didn't know were happening.

When I'm not taking your pictures, I'm a full time momma to the sassiest 2 year old (Lola) and fluffiest fur baby (Bennie). We have daily dance parties and spend as much time outside as possible.

Between living room dance sessions and porch hangouts sipping my special margarita concoction, I know the importance of human connection and documenting all the little things. You'll leave your wedding day or session feeling like we are old friends (and maybe with a margarita recipe or two.)

Facts about me 

aspiring author
red wine and ice coffee lover
hippie at heart

bomb margarita maker
music enthusiast (test me!)
Snow?...Ew, David. Beaches?...I love that journey for me.

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currently booking 2021 & 2022 weddings and 2021 sessions

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